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PhD in Informatics

Doctor of Philosophy in Information & Technology

The PhD in Informatics is by research where the student, under the supervision of senior faculty, will undertake independent research contributing towards the science of information, the practice of information processing, and the engineering of information systems. The student is required to complete a thesis research which must constitute a significant original contribution to the advancement of knowledge in the chosen topic. The research can be in a specialized area or across disciplines. Research of inter-disciplinary nature is especially encouraged.


PhD in Management

Doctor of Philosophy In Management

The Doctor of Philosophy in Management Programme (by Research) prepares competent practitioners and researchers with a firm grounding in Management who can foster research and development of new knowledge in specific areas. Through supervised research work, doctoral students are equipped with in-depth knowledge of Management and a focused understanding in the chosen area of expertise.

Upon successful completion, the PhD holders take pride in being able to:

  • Show scholarly capabilities to generate, design, implement and adopt the integral part of the research process based on theoretical frameworks.

  • Show scholarly capabilities to generate, design, implement and adopt the integral part of the research process based on theoretical frameworks.

  • Contribute to original research that broadens the boundary of knowledge through an in-depth thesis, which has been presented and defended according to international standards, including writing in international and local publications.


PhD in Transportation & Logistics

Philosophy in Transportation & Logistics

The Doctor of Philosophy in Transportation and Logistics (by Research) provides opportunities to students to conduct in-depth research in specialised areas while maintaining a reasonable breadth of knowledge in the dynamic field of transportation and logistics. This programme also offers sufficient flexibility to students to develop their study and research that cross traditional disciplinary and departmental boundaries. This is necessary to tackle the increasingly inter-disciplinary nature of transportation and logistics issues and problems.


Master in Business Administration


The Master in Business Administration (MBA)  program will help you develop analytical and technical skills along with global strategic leadership capabilities to lead in our technology driven world. This program will immerse you in learning through dynamic coursework, leadership portfolio development, consulting projects and study abroad opportunities. The Master of Business Administration offers 8 pillars of knowledge and interdisciplinary specialization areas. These focused areas of study enhance students' skill-sets in specific business areas, while increasing marketability with employers.

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